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Agreement with Term “Nunziante”

The Terme Vesuviane Nunziante are located five minutes walk from B&b Matida. Thanks to the agreement that we made the medical examination and the potential second course of treatment are free.

All Inclusive Formula

For those who want to gain the maximum pleasure from their stay in the Gulf of Naples we have studied the All Inclusive Formula, which, besides the overnight and the breakfast, offer some other extra features.

Programa di esempio:

1st day: isit to the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Oplontis
2nd day: visit to the archaeological site of Ercolano and trip on the Vesuvio
3rd and 4th day: visit to the city of Naples
5th day: visit to Sorrento and Amalfi
6th day: visit to the Reggia di Caserta

One of our employees will be at your disposal (H24) for the entire stay, as a constant support for all the trips and the visit that you chose to do.

The all inclusive formula includes packed lunch and dinner.

The price per person is 50€ per day.

Tickets for museums or other attractions are not included. For the transfers the price per person are: 10€ (up to 10km); 20€ (up to 30km); 30 (more then 30km). The program is subject to change. All the visits will be arranged before the departure. The all inclusive formula is valid only for groups of 4 people (or multiples) and for a minimum stay of 7 days
Discover the All Inclusive Formula: a lot of services to live the best vacation ever

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